Freelance Work: Cloudera

At Cloudera, a technology company specializing in cloud computing and data storage, I wrote emails to market upcoming webinars, developed landing page copy for events, and wrote human interest blog posts. 

Cloudera Collaborates with Reboot Representation to Boost Black, Latina and Native American Women in Tech

It’s no secret that women are vastly underrepresented in the tech sector. While women make up 57% of the professional workforce, they hold only 26% of professional computing jobs. That number is significantly lower for women of color: Black women make up 3% of the computing workforce, and Latina women only 1%. Underrepresentation in tech is a complex, systemic problem, and no one company or organization can solve these issues alone. Enter: the Reboot Representation Tech Coalition.

Freelance Work: Communications and Content Development

I develop content strategies and assets to connect my clients and their businesses to the right audience. Additionally, I provide a variety of editorial and strategy-based services to help establish digital narratives. See some examples below from my previous clients.