High School Students from Central Falls, Providence learn about sharks, ocean life

KINGSTON, R.I. — August 28, 2018 — When 16 students from the Met School in Providence and Central Falls High School boarded the Capn’ Bert for the University of Rhode Island’s first Summer Shark Camp, they were quiet. “They started out a little introverted,” said Brad Wetherbee, a biological sciences professor in the University of Rhode Island’s College of the Environment and Life Sciences and shark expert.

Designing a Space Odyssey

When it comes to space travel, science fiction and pop culture give us two models for interstellar outerwear: the chunky, white head-to-toe space suits with an opaque face shield, or sleek, multi- colored tracksuits. But Karl Aspelund, assistant professor at the department of textiles, fashion merchandising and design at the University of Rhode Island (URI), approaches apparel for space travel in a different way when considering on-board clothing for long duration space flight.

Complexity Merging with Simplicity

Engineers are known for intricate details; their designs tend to involve a multitude of moving parts that are responsible for technological advances in all areas of daily life. But, while elaborate inventions improve our quality of life, Stephen Kennedy, assistant professor of biomedical and chemical engineering at the University of Rhode Island (URI), knows that complexity isn’t always the answer, especially at the juncture where engineering and biology merge.